Access Control

Here at SAFECO, we currently install access control systems for homes and businesses. A 1 door system to businesses that have multiple locations geographically dispersed with hundreds of doors and users. We align ourselves with manufacturers and products that have proven to be effective and trustworthy in the field. We make sure that your safety is our #1 concern.

Modern Access Control

Modern access control utilizes electronic credentials and/or biometric recognition to grant or deny access to your facility. A wide range of credentials can be used to replace mechanical keys. This gives your administrator the immediate ability to add or remove privileges to any individual through the click of a button. Thus, your administrators are now able to control doors by time, privilege, access level, and sensitivity of the space.

Be Proactive!

Access Control is the only proactive security measure you can choose, unless you are willing to pay for a guard at each secure door, which is not very practical. Video and intrusion systems are fine additions to a security system, but they are reactive. With access control you can prevent a crime before it starts by keeping unauthorized individuals out.

Who, Where, and When?

Not only are access control systems able to manage ordinary door openings - they are able to handle a multitude of exceptions and unusual conditions.

Grant Access and monitor activity from anywhere, Computer, Tablet or Smartphone.

Automatically manage lights and other electric features of any room.

Snow Days/Business Interruption: revise access with a single commend and know who is the building

Lock-down/Lock-out: Secure access to the property

Dual Verification: pin code and card, card and finger print, etc. Great for limited access areas such as server rooms, high dollar merchandise, hazardous areas, certain offices, filing cabinets and lockers limits access to personnel, medical, credit card , and company private information.

Roll Call: Know who in the building, an area or room.

Parking Control: Gate control

Employee Control: With a simple action access is denied

Photo Recall: Confirmation that card matches the user; Access denied verification

Event Video Recording

Time Keeping for Payroll

How Can Access Control Save your Business Money?


Lost keys create an extreme security risk if not quickly and thoroughly addressed. Re-keying can also cost hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars. Your administrator can immediately delete a lost credential, eliminating the security risk in seconds without the cost of re-keying.

Problematic Employees

Statistics from HR organizations indicate that 20% of your workforce show up at least 10 minutes late per day, twice per week costing an average of $500 - $600 per employee per year in lost productivity. The sophisticated reporting options contained in the access control software provide the means to quickly identify repeat offenders and offer concrete evidence of problems. An Access Control system often pays for itself in less than a year, due to high Return On Investment ROI and ease in providing employee information.

Unsanctioned Residents or Late Rent Payment

In the case of multi-tenant buildings, undocumented residents are often the biggest perpetrators of misuse, vandalism, or crime. The Access Control System reporting features can help identify odd entrance patterns to find extra, unsanctioned tenants and provide the landlord with the necessary data to remove them from the building. If a resident is late with their rent payment, an access control system can be of great assistance. Through a simple mouse click your property manager can turn off access to common areas and convenience doors until payment is made.

Safeco can help manage your access control: have us program your employee adds and deletes, doors schedules, access levels and groups with a simple call or email. We can provide you pre-programmed access cards with printed company info and employee pictures if needed. You provide the information and we do all the setup 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.