Business Security Systems


Safeco Alarm Systems performs its own consultation, installation and signal monitoring. Our secure UL Listed Central Station is located in Kingston NY, and is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you call us, you will not be talking to someone from out of the state or out of the country. To put it simply we will be there when you need us.

The benefits of having Safeco Alarm Systems as your Commercial Security and Fire Safety Systems

Highest Quality installations

Service Agreements

Uniformed Personnel with Marked Vehicles

All technicians are factory certified in the newest technology available

Thorough Inspections

Monitoring Services

All vehicles are fully equipped for installations and stocked with parts for timely repairs

All employees have state and federal background and security checks

Security Consulting

We can provide you with the experience, knowledge and expertise of our security dealers to help you evaluate your total security and safety needs.

Complete analysis of your security needs can be conducted.

We have complete design/build service and monitoring facilities.

On site surveys.

Weekends and evening appointments are available.

Risk Assessment.

Security Consulting
Design Services

Design Services

We can provide you with the experience, knowledge and expertise to design your system with our security company in New York. Custom designed plans are made to fit your needs and quick response to your inquiries.

UL Certified systems available.

Electronic design documents provided to Authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) and Customer

As builts, system layout, battery and voltage drop calculations

Flexibility in system design changes

The Safeco Installation Difference

High quality Honeywell commercial grade equipment installed

Independent lightning/power surge protection installed on AC power and phone lines

Interior and Exterior sirens installed

Backlit alpha-numeric keypads utilized: Medical, Fire, Police, Panic buttons labeled and programmed ◦ Duress code programmed

All service personnel factory trained

System installed fully capable of future expansion

All employees have state and federal background checks

Uniformed installation and service employees and marked vehicles

Security consultant performs the initial meeting, returns with the installation crew, and then comes back at the end of the installation to answer any questions as well as provide system training.

System status checked every 24hrs by our UL Listed Central Station

The Safeco Installation


Help Manage Your Business Effectively

The Chamber of Commerce reports that $50 billion are lost annually due to shrinkage—a combination of employee theft, shoplifting, vendor fraud and administrative error. The Wall Street Journal reported that up to 75% of all employees steal at least once—half of these, at least twice.

The facts are in—our security company in NY offers security systems that are effective in preventing loss of life and protecting property. According to U.S. Department of Justice statistics, businesses without alarm systems are four times more likely to be broken into than those that do. The U.S. Department of Commerce estimates that employee dishonesty alone costs American business in excess of $50 billion annually—and that a staggering 75% of these crimes go unnoticed!

Let us be your NY security company and we will help you manage your resources, prevent theft and break-ins and safeguard your property, employees and customers from crime, fire and other hazards. Our powerful and easy-to-use digital surveillance, access control and intrusion solutions are designed to help increase your overall business profit by turning everyday challenges into advantages.



Facility Access Protection

Controlling access to a facility is a critical component of managing business risk today. We offer comprehensive access control solutions ranging from entry level installations to sophisticated integrated security solutions that meet today’s need for enhanced security.

Our cost-effective solutions can allow you to control access to all of your facilities remotely from any desktop computer with an internet connection. Through an integrated web-browser based interface you don’t even need to have software installed. This gives you the immediate flexibility to customize access to your facility anyplace, anytime.

Based on our experience we know that a system that starts with access on one door leads to adding access to more doors. All of our access control systems can start out small utilizing existing network infrastructure plus allow the ability to seamlessly expand and adapt to future growth needs.