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Frequently asked questions

1My alarm just went off, what should I do?
Call Safeco immediately. If it was accidental, advise the operator who will request your password and assist you. If you do not know the cause we will dispatch the authorities.
2My alarm is beeping. What do I do?
There could be a number of reasons for your keypad or a device to beep. It may be a low battery or similar problem. Call Safeco and we will assist you.
3How do I add/change/delete codes or turn the door chime on or off on my alarm system?
Reference the user manual above for your specific product. If you’re still having trouble, give us a call.
4I want to switch to another telephone provider or turn my phones off – what do I do, what are my options?
First, please notify us of any upcoming changes to your phone service or if you are planning to disconnect them. Most alarm systems can be changed to another type of phone system (digital, cable, VOIP, etc.), but make sure your new service provider knows you have a security system. The new provider should correctly wire in the security system so the connection can be made without disrupting your monitoring. To verify communication when the new installation is complete, contact Safeco and send a test signal. If you are interested in other options, ask us about switching to internet/radio/cellular communication.
5Do you need to know if we are going on vacation?
Yes. Please call or email csm@centralsignalmonitoring.com to advise of your travel dates and any changes you may need to make to your call list while you are away.
6Do you do weekend service or sales appointments?
Yes. Our salespeople are available for day, evening and weekend appointments. We do offer weekend service calls, but additional fees may apply.
7Can I remotely use my alarm system from my smartphone?
Yes, if the system is capable of it or if the system can be updated.
8How does an alarm system communicate to Safeco?
Alarm systems can communicate via traditional phone line, cable/DSL/VOIP phone lines, internet or radio/cellular. Many systems today use radio/cellular exclusively.
9What if I have other questions?
Don’t hesitate to call Safeco with any questions you may have and we would be happy to help.
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