New York Security Services

Residents and business owners in the NY Hudson Valley area are as conscious of the need for good, reliable security and alarm systems as elsewhere in NY State. The advantage for Hudson Valley is having a locally owned and operated NY security company, Safeco Alarms, available to design, install, service and monitor their products. They have been in the field of providing individualized New York security systems since 1976 for both commercial and private locations.

New York security programs provide more than alarms to summon law enforcement; they are also designed to detect fires, high levels of carbon monoxide and to contact assistance for medical emergencies. All of Safeco’s employees are trained, experienced and licensed professionals, authorized by the country’s top security manufacturers. They have a locally manned central monitoring center that’s staffed 24 /7 for assistance and inquiries. There’s comfort is knowing that a human being, who lives and knows the local area, will be answering the phone or responding to an alert and not someone many states away.

They offer an extensive line of New York security services for commercial property that includes state of the art passive infrared motion detectors (PIR) which has proven extremely successful in isolating motion or body heat in areas where no traffic is expected. The access control panels, both key card and key board code protected, are designed with expansion connective capability for use on more than one entrance way.

Digital surveillance is one of the most invaluable commercial assets in the inventory of New York security services. Cameras are ideal for monitoring traffic in small and large stores, hallways in office and apartment buildings, and for the grounds outside of structures. Cameras are a beneficial aid in management control of in-store merchandise, cash register activity, stockrooms, warehouses, and for documentation support in injury claims.

New York security systems for homeowners have life saving benefits when it comes to the safety of family members and the protection of personal property. The control panels of the security systems are equipped with touch keys for fire, police and ambulance alerts. The New York security services also have sensors for carbon monoxide detection. When high levels are detected the homeowners are alerted to the dangers. NY security cameras and PIR motion detectors are as advantageous in homes as they are for businesses. Homeowners will have the mental trust and confidence in knowing their property is protected even when they are out of town.

Smoke and heat detectors are excellent in areas that are known to have warmer temperatures than the majority of the house, like in closed garages, kitchens and laundry rooms. NY security sensors monitor the rate of any heat increase and will automatically report a situation when the temperature rises above 135 degrees. Residents do not have to worry about maintenance on the detection systems as they are self contained and will report any need for service to the central NY monitoring center.

For anyone who has a need to protect their business operations or their private residence, Safeco Alarms offers a free evaluation to determine which of their extensive personalized New York security systems will be of benefit to the customer. There is no reason for anyone to delay the protection of their valuable assets, both human and material, when there is every reason to call today and schedule a free consultation.